Thoughts On Bernie Sanders

I’ve started a series discussing the positions of Bernard (Bernie) Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont who is running for the Presidency as a Democrat. While some of his positions may seem somewhat okay, most of them are absolutely horrific, to say the least. Below, I am going through each of his points individually, and discussing why I would either disagree or agree with them

While they’re not all done yet, I’m working on them, and I’ll update this post as I get them finished. They’ll be linked below:

Backstory (Published 9/1/2015)

Income & Wealth Equality (Published 9/3/2015)

Getting Big Money Out Of Politics (Published 9/7/2015)

Creating Decent Paying Jobs (Published 9/8/2015)

Racial Justice – Physical Justice (Published 9/9/15)

Racial Justice – Political Violence (Published 9/11/2015)

Racial Justice – Legal Violence (Published 10/4/2015)

Racial Justice – Economic Violence (Published 10/5/2015)

A Living Wage (Published 10/22/2015)

War & Peace (Published 1/26/2016)

Fighting For Women’s Rights (Coming Soon)

A Fair & Human Immigration Policy (Coming Soon)

Real Family Values (Coming Soon)

Climate Change & Environment (Coming Soon)

Reforming Wall Street (Coming Soon)

Last Updated: 10/22/2015

If you’d like something more thought out and much more economically literate than me, then check out Tom Wood’s, and his upcoming free e-book titled “Bernie Sanders Is Wrong”.