Moving Forward w/ Rand Paul

rand-paul-marijuanaTo start, I’m simply talking about what the future may bring with Rand Paul. And the future certainly does have him being quite busy in it. In many ways, there is much for Rand to do coming up soon, and moving forward.

To start, let me draw on the past a bit, and make a comparison. Like his father, Rand did not make it to convention in his first GOP Presidential run. Sure, things were different back in 2008, but in some ways, they’re still similar. For instance, the economy is in no way on stable ground and looking to be heading anywhere good (see my post on the economy for more on this).

Now, what’s up for Rand in the future? Well, for starters, he’ll have another election to go through this year, unlike Ron’s election every 2 years in the House. So far, there are 10 people running for the Senate seat Rand occupies in KY, including Rand himself. 3 are Republicans, and 7 are Democrats. The Democrats in the state are crippled, and this may be their last opportunity to show that they still have power by ousting Rand Paul from his seat. Their candidate wasn’t who they had originally planned for, and now, they’ve settled on Lexington Mayor Jim Gray as their best hopes to take on Paul. Whether that’ll work or not is yet to be seen, but I would expect the GOP Establishment to sit by and let Rand deal with this one all on his own, which in many ways, is a good thing (largely because they don’t do anything right).

Now, speaking about the Senate seat, I do not believe that there is much to truly worry about. To start, let us look to one of the more terrible Senators in the Senate, who leads the Majority now: Mitch McConnell. He won his race back in 2014 against Sec. of State Allison Grimes 56%-41%. The race, for most of the time, was called a toss-up, and people said things didn’t look good for McConnell a lot, but look how that turned out. Talking about Rand’s seat, when Bevin has won his Governorship, I think there really isn’t too much to worry about, or at least, not as much as the Establishment fears there will be.

Now, what will Rand be up to in the Senate? Well, there are a few important things coming up. Here are some of those things:


Supreme Court Appointee Hearings

For starters, there will be Supreme Court nominee’s coming into the Senate for hearings and appointment votes. In a note he posted to Facebook on February 15th, he said:

President Obama and the Democrats have wasted no time making this vacancy a huge political statement, and they are calling for an immediate replacement in the court – of course a liberal one that could tilt the balance of the court for years.
President Obama thinks this is his chance to put an end to originalist interpretation of the Constitution. His last chance, in his last few months office.
I am not going to let him do it. There’s too much at stake.
As much as I’d love to see a Justice Napolitano (Andrew Napolitano, that is), I don’t believe that would happen.


Budget & Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Specifically, the Debt Ceiling won’t be an issue to do anything over till 2017, when the last deal will finally run out. When that happens, you can bet that there will be a harsh fight over what get’s more funding, what get’s cut, whether the debt ceiling is raised or not, and what happens with the overall national debt and deficit. Expect these procedures to be bloody, and outright nasty, as they’ve usually been. What will Rand be doing? If there is any indication, he may propose another budget to cut spending and kill off the deficit, while actually shrinking government in all area’s.


Killing The PATRIOT Act

Under the USA FREEDOM Act, the PATRIOT Act had many of it’s key provisions extended until 2017, when a new President is in power, and a new Congress is as well. There will be a renueued fight over these provisions, and the spying state as well. The NSA has largely continued it’s unconstitutional searches, and must be stopped. Many conservatives and many liberals will oppose this, seeing it as either necessary for security or, to say the least, constitutional. Rand will be needed to lead the fight against these provisions and actions in the Senate, and to assist the House Freedom Caucus with their battle in the House should they need any assistance. It will be Rand, and quite possible Mike Lee (R-UT), leading once more on this issue, and should notable hawks like McCain and Rubio (who is confirmed leaving the Senate) not be around, the fight is only easier.


War In Syria

I do not doubt that under the next President that there will be more stronger calls for war in Syria to combat both ISIS and the Assad Regime, a key plank of the Neo-cons and Progressive’s agenda. War in Syria is what they’ve been looking forward to for a while now, and with their continued arming for the Syrian Rebels who were supposedly “moderate”, weapons have trickled over to ISIS, who has also taken away weapons the US gave to the Iraqi Army when they were rebuilding the country.

The next President will be faced with a War Authorization presented by the Congress, and as lovers of freedom and liberty, we must be there to oppose such a thing and a war we have no stake or claim to be in. Rand must lead in the Senate the anti-war opposition to this terrible idea, and sound the alarm that, besides sending American sons and daughters to die, the foreign policy will only lead to more instability and destruction in the Middle East. It must be done, or the rest of the world will continue to unite against the American Empire behind Russia and China.

These are my thoughts on what is in store for Rand coming up in the future. These, again, are only a few things. I can’t predict the future, but I can tell you that at the very least, these are the more important things we have to worry about, and these are the things that Rand should definitely pay attention to as well.



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