My Thoughts On Police Shootings


This is getting to be FAR beyond insane.

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What Bernie Sanders Reminds Me Of

CaptureCop Block posted something to their Facebook page yesterday, and it stirred up quite a controversy on the post. I scrolled down, and all you could see were comment after comment after comment of Sanders people completely flipping out. Below is the post they posted, and I’ll link to the article below as well:

Bernie Sander’s policies mean only one thing: more cops to enforce his laws, brutalize Americans and enforcing the police state. Link:

Posted by Cop Block onĀ Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Article Linked: [Here]

And now, here are just a few of the comments that have people #FeelingTheBern:

Capture2Capture3Now, while this is fun and all, something struck a chord within me. Something feels too familiar. I feel like I’ve seen this kind of fervent enthusiasm and rage before, but where? Oh wait, that’s right!

That’s where I remember all of this coming from! Okay, now I remember. But yeah, we saw Obama speaking about a lot of the same things back when he was still Senator Obama, and you know what, him and Bernie weren’t much off, but Bernie is more extreme. But think about this: we’ve had 7 years off Obama almost, and what has resulted from it? What has 7 years of Hope and Change brought? What has 7 years of an identical message brought to the country, that’s supposed to cherish freedom and liberty?

A few, rotten things, such as:


[ACLU Article Link]

new america

[New American Article Link]

new american 2

[New American Article Link]

democracy now

[Democracy NOW! Article Link]

I fail to see how the leftist liberal that Obama has been could have made things better. I fail to see how Bernie, the Socialist, will make things better. Both have wanted, and tried, to expand the government. What the people in the comments do not understand is that when you expand the government, there has to be some enforcement mechanism to be able to carry out the deeds and will of the State, and make sure it’s being applied how they want it done. There is a system that will make sure that things are going according to how they want, and that is evident in what Obama has brought to the United

Indefinite Detention? Warrant-less spying being continued from Bush under the PATRIOT Act? Killing American Citizens? Militarizing the Police? That has all happened under Obama’s watch, and he let it happen, because as I believe, he wanted it to. Don’t agree with me? Remember what I said above? The bigger the government, the bigger the enforcement state. You do not live in a world where the bigger the government, the smaller the enforcement state. You don’t live in a fantasy land. The police will not be an SJW-approved authority, and they will not be there to wipe your tears after being offended. That fantasy will never happen. They will be hard and tough, and of course, enforcing the State’s will, but under Bernie, at least they might wear a peace-sign patch on their uniform.

A law comes with the threat of force, and quite possibly, death. That’s one reason why I don’t support a bigger government. I don’t want people to be locked up, or killed, for selling loose cigarettes. I don’t want people to be beaten up for simply not responding to a question, and if people want to truly change things, then they really should care about repealing laws, not passing more.