Rand Paul & His Many New Bills From This Week


Rand Paul has been quite active this past week with a series of bills that have been introduced.

Here are three of the one’s that have caught my eye:

Gun Rights for Recipients of Social Security

Sen. Rand Paul has introduced a new bill aimed at stopping an Obama Administration move to strip seniors on Social Security of their gun rights.

The current White House deal would strip gun rights as follows:

The reporting would happen “in consultation with the Department of Justice” and would “cover appropriate records of the approximately 75,000 people each year who have a documented mental health issue, receive disability benefits, and are unable to manage those benefits because of their mental impairment.”

The Paul bill, if passed, would make sure that due process is followed when the case of a mental evaluation is taken for these people, instead of the current rubber-stamping of these cases by state mental health organizations. In addition, the Paul proposal would do the following:

  • Prohibits the sale or disposition of a firearm or ammunition to an individual that has been adjudicated as mentally incompetent or committed to a psychiatric hospital. Adjudication requires findings by a judicial officer or court and the individual receives notice to participate with counsel.
  • Within 90 days, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs must review and remove from NICS any veteran that has not been adjudicated as mentally incompetent. The Attorney General will certify that the removal of names has taken place.
  • Prevents the Social Security Administrator from reporting individuals to NICS unless individual has been adjudicated as mentally incompetent. Attorney General will conduct a yearly review to certify reported names have necessary documentation.
  • Attorney General must certify a state’s report indicating a person had been adjudicated as mentally incompetent prior to inclusion to NICS.
  • All individuals considered to no longer be adjudicated as mentally incompetent will be notified and have their rights restored .

Fighting the Heroin Epidemic

Rand Paul has been fighting for a bill that would expand the usage of a certain drug called Suboxone, which helps to lessen the dependence on heroin, allowing a person to better overcome it as a whole.

Currently, federal law only allows doctors to prescribe this drug to 50 patients in their first year with this drug, followed by 100 afterwords. The proposed legislation would expand the starting number to 500, thus allowing for more people to seek and receive actual treatment.

While it would be better to allow this to be prescribed more freely (without restriction, for their main concern is this drug being used in pill mills), this bill moves things in the right direction, and allows more people to seek out and receive treatment.

Economic Freedom Zone’s

Rand Paul has proposed the Economic Freedom Zones Act as an amendment to the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2016. If passed, this amendment would allow for Economic Freedom Zones to be created in areas where there is poverty and little to no growth.

What would these economic freedom zones do for the people who live in them? Here is a brief overview of the changes:

The legislation would provide for a series of tax cuts, such as reducing the corporate and individual income tax to 5% and lowering payroll taxes by 2%. It would also ease regulation, such as suspending the Davis-Bacon wage requirements and streamlining the National Environmental Policy Act. The amendment would also give a $5,000 per child educational tax credit to parents.


My Thoughts On Bernie Sanders: Racial Justice – Legal Violence


I’m talking about Bernie Sanders still, continuing on with my series on the guy. Today, we’re continuing on with his Racial Justice plan, but specifically, we’re going through his Legal Violence Section today. There are no concrete, specifically laid out points, so I’ll be going through the paragraphs he has, and discussing what I find he wants to do.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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