Why Is Anyone Shocked By The FBI’s Decision?


It was announced yesterday (7/5/16) that Director of the FBI James Comey was not going to recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal that has been ongoing for many years now. In his official statement, the FBI Director said the following, to sum things up:

As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.

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Donald Trump & His Political Contributions

Trump is making headlines on almost a daily basis, and people really seem to like him and his campaign. However, I don’t feel like many have fully vhetted the man out before supporting him, and because of that, this video exists to shine some light on the subject.

Tump has made lot’s of political donations: some small, some large enough to hit the donation limit. They go to both sides, but what is really interesting is that most of them are to people in Congress who aren’t good people. Meaning: they’re the bad, cronies he’s donating to.

So, to the Trump supporters: if your defense is that they were for business, then you are accepting the crony system that is currently in place, and as well, putting someone in charge who has done the corrupting. Think this over for a bit.

I did a series of articles, detailing to the best of what I coud find with his donation records. Those articles can be found below:

Donations to Dems: https://libertyshield.wordpress.com/2…
Donations to Repubs: https://libertyshield.wordpress.com/2…
Donations to PAC’s: https://libertyshield.wordpress.com/2…
Donations to Conservatives: https://libertyshield.wordpress.com/2..