Florida Congressional District 18 Candidates – Overview

I’m going to be going over Congressional Candidates in my District, which is the Florida 18th. Currently, there are a lot of candidates who have declared, and I will only be discussing those who are declared. I will not speculate on who should run or who might be running, because I honestly couldn’t say. With that in mind, let me go over some basic criteria I have for throwing my support behind a candidate.

Economy: This is the most important part that I look at when it comes to a candidate. If I cannot agree with your fiscal policy and your monetary policy, I simply cannot support you. If you do not support a free market, or won’t go in that direction enough, then I cannot support you. You can be good at everything else all you want, but none of that will matter when everyone is poor and the economy sucks.

Constitutional Liberties: Infringement upon these is something I don’t like. Supporting the current system of infringement upon them is tentamount to n imeiate rejection by me. The Constitution is the boundaries that haver been set by the Founders on the Federal Govenet. Being able to respect and defend them is nce, and well appreciated in my book.

War: If a candidate is all ready for war, then I cannot support them. Eisenhower warned us of a military industrial complex, and I honestly see why. We’ve lost so many rights post-Iraq because of people being all ready to go to war, and practically give up anything to get to peace. Being a non-interventionist does not mean you’re a pacificst or an isolationist. It means you’re willing to clearly think about using the power of goigto war, and not acting off an impulse.

I don’t really need to go into anything else. Ths basically covers everything. Any other issue outside of these shouldn’t be up to the government to deide, or at the very least, the Federal Gvenment.

Every post after this will be going over the candidates.


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