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I recently started my own actual website, and thus have moved over to there. There will be nothing more here on this blog. All my posting will take place over there.

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The End of Bernie’s Revolution

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Bernie Sanders: I’ve talked a lot about him on this blog. The Feel The Bern “revolution” has been raging for more than a year now. But, with the Democratic Convention in Philidelphia, that revolution’s leader has caved. And I don’t mean that in a light way. He completely caved, then he fell in line like a good little boy.

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Remember when Rand Paul was the only person in Washington who opposed James Comey? — RareRare

When FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be charged for sharing classified emails on her private server, many wondered if she was getting preferential treatment from the FBI. Some raised questions about Comey’s interpretation or perhaps even evasion of the law. This wasn’t the first time his legal judgment has been…

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Why Do So Many Christians and Libertarians Support Donald Trump?

I think I did a post quite similar to this, though I don’t think I touched on a lot of this. Especially the Christian aspects. This is really well done!

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Back in January, Donald Trump stated, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

I am reminded of this whenever I contemplate the large numbers of Christians and libertarians who support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Jesus commanded His followers to observe the fruit people bear – Matthew 7:20. Let us consider the fruit on Trump’s tree.

  • He is on his third marriage.
  • He is a known adulterer who brags about the women he has slept with.
  • He owns a strip club.
  • He does not see the need to repent of any wrongdoing.
  • Would any self-respecting Christian man let this lecher…

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The Long-Awaited Recession Is Here


For a while now, there have been fears that a recession was coming, and for people like me, or my brother, who pay attention, the signs have been evident and clear. The only thing that hadn’t been clear till last night was when it would finally come.

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Apologies For My Absense

I’ve had a long week, and a lot of quizzes in school. As a result, I haven’t had time to continue my series of posts on Bernie Sanders, which can be found over on its separate page, or scrolling down.

I have also began working on the second debate analysis, which will go over Rand Paul’s debate performance. I did watch the debate. I thought he did good, but could have been better. Now that we’re post-debate, I’m seeing more opinions, and there’s a lot of praise for him, so we shall see.

Note: if you’re reading The Rand Paul Post-Debate Analysis, you’re reading my review of the first one, and that wouldn’t be good. I’m doing this new one in two parts, just because I was able to find videos of each question and answer by Paul from the campaign. I’ve already began working on it, so that should appear sometime this weekend.

That’s all for now!