No, 2016 Won’t Be The End


If you’ve been around Republican or conservative circles within the past few months, you’ll notice quite a few nay-sayers and downtrodden folks, depressed and upset over how bad things have been for them in 2016. What went wrong, you ask?:

  • One of the most ideologically conservative Supreme Court justices died
  • Donald Trump secured the GOP Nomination
  • The GOP has essentially finalized the selling of it’s soul
  • Alt-Rightism (more like Fascism Lite) has become somehow popular with people
  • Congress isn’t helping to fix or even stop the Obama Agenda at this point (though there is some opposition)

These, and probably plenty more depending on your flavor of conservatism, would cause some conservatives to become quite upset. Why this year? 2016 should be a good year. Historically, the White House WILL flip this year. That would have secured the Supreme Court. That would have meant the Republicans keep both the House and Senate. That would have mean that there could have been AT LEAST 2 years of time to undo disasterous Obama policies.

But, what is happening now? Trump, a serial flip-flopping closet liberal who is doing quite well in suckering people along for a nice ride, is the nominee, with an establishment hack (Mike Pence) as his Vice President choice. The Supreme Court is in jeopardy because Trump can’t seem to even unite those who would traditionally vote Republican, let alone reach out to Independents. Trump’s mouth is a liability issue, constantly rebuking itself and saying some of the most weirdest and strangest things.

To make this steaming pile even worse, Hillary Clinton seems to have been able to pull completely clear of the Email Scandal, and is using Trump’s own words against him. She’s been able to gain a vast majority of the Bernie people and they’re now campaigning for her and down ballot. Their organization and website is literally spoon-feeding them tons and tons of information on voters, which in this day and age, is very crucial.

There seems to be a juggernaught in 2016 that will break the Republicans backs, and will put the party into utter chaos. Disorganization and infighting are at all-time highs. People can’t seem to get along like they once used to. The Republican base is fracturing, and the cracks are quite major, and definitely concerning for those who want the Republican party to continue on.

Despite all of this, I don’t believe that everything is going to completely fall apart this year. Sure, the election is going to be rough, and the economy is on some REALLY shaky ground, but I don’t think the backbone is going to be broken yet. I don’t think that all will happen, yet. I think the Republican Party will continue to break apart, but the complete implosion won’t come till maybe next year, when 2017 elections come up (such as the Virginia Governor’s race). I think the economy will become worse, but I can’t honestly say when it’ll devolve into spiral-down mode. The signs of it being unhealthy are very evident, and more come by the day now.

So no, despite all the people saying the end is finally here, they’re probably wrong. Sure, there are some dark times ahead, but they’re not here yet, or they’re not ready yet. But, 2016 surely won’t be the end of everything for the right. The fearmongering that is perpetrated needs to stop, or else they will fulfill their own prophecies of becoming irrelevant.

However, if the conservative movement would like to become irrelevant, that would be fine with me. It’d mean that the Libertarians can come back and set up shop, and really grow a movement of people towards actual small government. It would mean that the heart of conservatism, according to Reagan, would be able to come front and center to challenge the political left (the liberals, socialists, authoritarians, etc…).

The conservative movement has had it’s chance, and in the process, they’ve sold out their souls. I’m particularly looking at  Conservative Inc.(big government neo-cons who really should be communists), the PAC’s and organizations that syphoned hundreds of millions (if not billions at this point) to do absolutely nothing with) promising to help conservative candidates, and those who sold out to Trumpism and the alt-right. These are the vipers that hard-working conservatives owe the destruction of their movement to, and hopefully, the new movement that rises up in it’s place won’t have to deal with.

In the end, we shall see what happens. I am only making predictions based off what I THINK will happen. I may be wrong, but that’s to be seen. For now though, the troubles will simply continue.


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