The End of Bernie’s Revolution

bernie hillary hug

Bernie Sanders: I’ve talked a lot about him on this blog. The Feel The Bern “revolution” has been raging for more than a year now. But, with the Democratic Convention in Philidelphia, that revolution’s leader has caved. And I don’t mean that in a light way. He completely caved, then he fell in line like a good little boy.

When you’re really rebelling against the establlishment, you do not come out and support it, endorse it, and help it grow. No. You are always trying to defeat it, and you do not assist it continue on. This is why I cannot see the comparrisons between Dr. Ron Paul and Sanders.

When Paul ran for President, he didn’t come out and endorse McCain or Romney. He didn’t speak well of them at convention. He didn’t do fundraising for them. He didn’t sell out to them for favors or funds (or plane rides). He didn’t do any of that. He was principled.

Bernie falling in line has helped to prove something I, and many others, have felt for a long time. Bernie wasn’t really principled. Many socialists saw him for what he was: a con-man co-opting their ideas and watering down their message. Libertarians have been wary of Sanders, many for much longer than I’ve known the man. But the man always gave me a vibe that he wasn’t here to be principled, to lead a true revolution against the establishment, and strike it down.

He was, as I felt, more a controlled opposition. He was able to galvonize the youth vote, and helped to aid in the “We can’t allow Trump to win!” stigmatic narrative that Hillary and the rest of the Dems have manufactured. He knew he couldn’t win. He knew it wouldn’t be possible. He knew, even when victory was impossible, that he was still taking people’s donations, accepting their help, and it was all for nothing.

In the end, those people won’t get  their money back. Those volunteers won’t get those countless hours of their lives back. Some people rested their entire hopes, lives, dreams, and financial stability on the man, and he turned around, and kicked them to the ground by endorsing the woman who they all didn’t want.

TL;DR You were betrayed.


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