Could I Vote For Gary Johnson?

william weld

Could I vote for Gary Johnson? Probably. There is, however, a situation in which I simply cannot vote for Gary. For me to not vote for Gary would mean that there would need to be one thing that would happen, and that thing is William Weld being made the Vice Presidential nominee.

Hear me out, no one is perfect. Gary isn’t perfect. Austin isn’t perfect. John isn’t perfect. I get it; perfection is an unobtainable ideal. But, there has to be a line drawn where we do NOT pass for choosing someone to be part of the standard-bearer ticket, who will represent the party. And in an election year like this, where the Libertarian Party is getting tons of press, and it’s candidates are becoming known to the general people instead of just the few who looked deeper for another option, it’s going to be important that we have two people who can represent the party and the ideology well. This is why I cannot support Johnson/Weld.

Has any looked at Weld’s time as Governor? I’m honestly concerned that people who are supporting both Johnson and Weld are ignoring the record of Weld. It’s not a Libertarian-friendly one. Not even close. He may CAMPAIGN as a good guy, but his time in office is far different.

I have to give Jason Stapleton a lot of credit for doing the research on Weld, and it’s not like there’s a lot for a Governor who was in office back in the early to mid 90’s. But, Stapleton brought up both history and current recent statements that should concern any libertarian considering the Johnson/Weld ticket.


Now, the description is probably a better summary than anything I could even think of:

Since the announcement by the Johnson campaign that Bill Weld would be Gary’s VP running mate controversy has been swirling. Some say Weld is an excellent choice who’s going to have the connections to raise money and grab disenfranchised Republicans. Others say Weld is a poison on the message and isn’t even libertarian.

Throughout the debates Gary Johnson has made some, shall I say “less than libertarian” comments on a range of topics and that has caused me to question what Johnson really believes.

With the decision to partner with Weld, I grew more skeptical of Johnson and what his real principles are. So I decide to dig into the background of Gov. Weld and see I could determine what drives his decisions, and he holds as first principles.

I’ve tried to be fair although I admit I came into this with some skepticism. What I found did not make me happy and in today’s episode, I’m going to make a case against both Gov. Weld and Gov. Johnson. With this incredible opportunity, I think it is a bad idea to allow either of these men to represent the libertarian ideal to the masses.


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