John McAfee Goes Up Against Trump & Clinton

I love John McAfee. There, I said it. Seriously, I have a bromance for this guy. This wonderful tech genius is making me really love him more and more with everything his campaign releases, from his campaign ads to his graphics and so on.

In one of his more recent ones, he decided to compar himself against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and his does a terrific job of making the two authoritarian psychopaths look almost the exact same, and shows the alternative that he is offering to the American people, should he be the Libertarian nominee.

Without further ado, here it is.

static1.squarespace.commstiffanymadison@gmail.comcarl saganmstiffanymadison@gmail.commstiffanymadison@gmail.commcafee patriot acttsamcafee tsaencryptionmcafee encryptionstatic1.squarespace.commcafee compares donald hillarywarmcafee warwar spending chartmcafee unitydownload

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