Authoritarians Are Authoritarians, Regardless Of Political Party


For the last week, what have I been treated to by people in their Facebook, Twitter, and so on tirades? I will post these few examples of what has been the basic premise for my experience.

There’s this:

13102715_1015183188568376_6184046860963151887_n (1)

Then there’s this:


Then there’s this little video from The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren:

Then there’s stuff like this:

And this:

And this:

 And finally, this:

My first observation is that these people expect me to blindly come behind their candidate, and not say a word? Lol, that’s cute. If anything, they’re helping to drive away people. Social media supporters of Trump have known some very vile people, particularly The Forbes Group and Roger Stone. These people have been acting like little childish pricks since the day someone refused to throw their support behind their candidate.

It’s this mentality that will keep me away, and will keep me from considering him in the first place. But the next thing I really want to get to is that these supporters reveal something more deep and disturbing about Trump, and probably, how he will govern.

Trump is an authoritarian: it’s as simple as that. I believe it, and a lot of other people will back me up on that. Trump will govern as an authoritarian. He thinks he can come in, and everyone will bend to his will, but that is not how Washington DC works. He is a fool if he believes it. He is also a fool if he thinks he can appoint “really good people” (whatever the hell that means, since Obama said pretty much the same thing, along with every other President). That gimmick has been going on since the cabinet was formed back with Washington himself. Though as of late, we’ve gotten terrible people, and I for one don’t see that changing.

If you think that Obama’s use of the Executive Orders was bad, I can’t wait for you to see President Trump (that just doesn’t sound right). If this guy can’t work with Congress, and he’s souring a lot of them, then what’s his next and only option? Executive orders. All of a sudden, “conservatives” will be hailing President Trump, for moving past Congress, and “doing what needed to be done”, at which point, I will call them out for being hypocrites, and call out the liberals trying to call them out, since they were silent on Obama.

At some point, you have to come to the realization that Trump is an authoritarian, and a Keynesian authoritarian, which should concern the crap out of libertarians (I’m looking at you, Walter Block). He will not be good for the domestic policy of the United States. What one has to expect from this is an expansion of government that WILL control more of our lives.

Now, let me address something else: voting. Trump supporters are making the claim that in not supporting Donald Trump, the #NeverTrump movement is supporting Hillary Clinton. Now, let me be clear: #NeverTrump encompasses a lot of people from a wide prospective of the GOP and electorate. It is mostly the neo-conservatives who have begun supporting Hillary Clinton. But the rest remain just not Trump. Many, like me, have chosen to go to a third party, like the Libertarian Party. This vehicle is the most readily available and deployable vessel there is when in comes to a national third party, and there is no one even close to competing with them. I will be voting for whomever is the nominee, largely because I know that THEY WILL REPRESENT MY VALUES. Under Trump, it’s subject to the day.

The Trump supporters will claim we’re all just voting for Hillary, and want her to win. This is not true. We’re voting against BOTH Trump and Clinton. In case you haven’t noticed, #NeverTrump despises both of them, but recognizes that neither of them are good in any way, shape, gender, etc… There isn’t much that differentiates the two, so what point does it make to vote for either one? In reality, there is no point.

Are the Trump supporters upset that I won’t support their candidate? Probably, but they’ll just call me an idiot, or a cuckservative (how grown-up of you), or some other put down. These people have had enough with Republicanism, and now, they want their own dictator, who will say what they want to hear. They’ve suspended reason for security and comfort. They’ ve given up hard truths for comfortable lies. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a nation dies.

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