“I Can’t Support Austin Petersen! He’s Only A Troll!”

austin petersen

A common argument I hear against the nomination of Austin Petersen is that he is nothing but an online troll who will not help the Libertarian Party grow in the long run, and thus will not be able to handle the two major parties (if he were to be the nominee).

I have quite a few thoughts on this, and I really find this to be a sad argument, seeing as how this comes down to a petty disagreement on tactics (and not even a much used one by AP in the past several months now).

#1. Lief Biebersen Is Human

If you’ve never trolled someone in anything, you’ve either not recognized it, or you’re really a bland person. Seriously. Everyone has done it, and in the realm of politics, it’s everywhere. You’ll get a lot of it from the R’s and D’s. But trolling can be used to still point out the logical flaws in arguments. I know. I’ve done it, and had it used against me on many occasions. Be like Elsa, and let it go.

#2. Petersen Has Media Experience

Calling Austin unexperienced with media is being a new kind of ignorant, given that Austin was responsible for getting Judge Andrew Napolitano his show on Fox Business. Austin has been on cable news programs on a multitude of occasions before, and has plenty of camera experience that Libertarians need (and also crave). This should not be a concern, what-so-ever.

#3. Petersen Is Principled

Call it principled-trolling for all I care, but Petersen has been arguing the same things for a long time now, and from what I’ve seen over more than a year of following him, he really hasn’t changed (he’s only sharpened up and been more like a public figure). He has spent years with the Libertarian Party, and FreedomWorks, growing the liberty movement, and bringing people to freedom. You might not have agreed with how he debated people over Twitter or Facebook over a year ago, but you look at him more recently, you’ll notice a definite change, and for the better.

#4. Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Need I even spare these two clowns a thought? If you’re considering one of these two because you conceive Austin Petersen to be “childish”, I would recommend you have your eyes examined, because you’re clearly missing something here.


One thought on ““I Can’t Support Austin Petersen! He’s Only A Troll!”

  1. LOVE IT! Go Austin! Im definetly a fan, Ill be pushing a vote for him in the primaries, and rooting for him the whole way through. Too bad the primaries are held in Florida, driving/flying from California is costly. I turned down the offer to be an LP delegate for this reason.

    No matter what happens in the primaries, take it in stride, you’ve ran a hell of a campaign, and furthered the ideals and reach of the party. You sir, should be proud of your accomplishments thus far, and keep it up… Cause America needs a person like Peterson up in the oval office. Its been too long since we’ve operated logically.

    P.S. Vote Libertarian in California’s District 9 for Congress. The link is attached.


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