“I can’t support John McAfee! He killed someone!”


This is a common objection I hear when I bring up John McAfee. Not only is it a bad objection which isn’t provable, but in the context of who else is running, doesn’t make much sense either. Here are my basic points:

#1. The Belize Murder

It was never proven he was the person who killed his neighbor. Hell, it never even saw a day in court for that matter. If you’ve bothered to Google it, you would have noticed that several people were detained in Belize on the subject matter.

The police wanted to question John, and if you wish to know why McAfee ran, I will recommend you go to his YouTube page, where he explains why he ran from the authoritarian psychopaths, also known as the Belizian police.

#2. Donald Trump + 5th Avenue

This is a direct quote from Donald Trump: “ I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters”

#3. Hillary Clinton: Professional Murderer

The fact that Hillary Clinton is running, and trying to not let others bring up her past involvement with instigating the coup in Honduras while she was Secretary of State (which led to thedeath of an indigenous people’s rights leader). This is not to forget the role she played in the War in Iraq, the conflict and complete destruction of Libya, and the current strangling of Syria.

You know what, call me crazy, but I think I’d rather vote for the guy who fled for his life over the idiot who really would shoot someone, and think it wouldn’t hurt him, or the asshole who is a murderer in every sense of the word. Call me crazy. I dare you to.


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