My Thoughts on The Libertarians: John McAfee


I’m doing a series on the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates (top 3). These are 3 people whom I would have no problem with being President, for either three would be a net positive for liberty, the country, and the American people. This post is going to be covering John McAfee.

John McAfee’s Campaign Website: [Link]

To start off, let me briefly talk about McAfee’s history. He is the founder of McAfee Security, which he left in 1994, when he sold his stake in the company after it had gone public (and yes, he too doesn’t like how annoying McAfee Security Suite is, but it’s not his fault). McAfee went on to do several other business ventures, including one more medical venture down in Belize involving antibiotics. He currently runs Future Tense Central, which hosts a number of technologies, and Everkey, which is explained below:

So, where does he stand on issues? I’ll dive into that below:

Personal Freedoms:

Our bodies and our minds belong to ourselves.

Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and to accept responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make. Our support of an individual’s right to make choices in life does not mean that we necessarily approve or disapprove of those choices.

Criminal laws should be limited to violation of the rights of others through force or fraud, or deliberate actions that place others involuntarily at significant risk of harm.

“One of the first acts of a McAfee Administration would be the wholesale decriminalization of marijuana by changing its schedule -something that can be done without congressional consent – along with pardons to any individual serving time for non-violent marijuana possession.”

The War On Drugs is an abject failure, spreading misery across the world and here at home. From America’s abysmal incarceration rates, to the terror inflicted internationally in the name of drug eradication, the War on Drugs has had terrible consequences. Drug legalization should be an issue decided on the state level. Production of drugs in any other country should be the concern of that country.

So, right off the bat, we have issues dealing with personal freedoms, such as drug possession (and the War on Drugs as a whole), to really free association. If you watched the first part of the Libertarian Debate on Stossel, you may remember that John sided with Austin Petersen when he was talking about a Jewish baker not wanting to make a Nazi cake.

So, I would say that John has a good grasp on voluntary asociation.

Foreign Policy & Security

Foreign Policy & Cyber Awareness

“The US has for too long considered itself as the world’s policeman, at the expense of rational internal growth. This must change. Interference in the affairs of foreign states is the true cause of national animosities, and is the fertilizer and feed for terrorism.” –John McAfee

We reject the interventionist pursuit of idealistic and moral goals. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense, especially the defense of our national technological infrastructure.

We must seek to end the current United States government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid.

We must focus on using our strength only when and where it protects the security and interests of the American people, not multinational corporations or war profiteers.

Cyber Awareness

One of the few legitimate roles of the American government is to provide for our national security –the defense of our nation against all forms of aggression.

The United States government, like many western nations, has lost touch with the technology upon which our world is built.

“With its new government, Australia has announced the creation of the Digital Transformation Office – a cabinet level Position. The goal of the office is to bring cyber awareness and cyber security education into the Australian Government. They recognize that the nation of the future cannot survive without Cyber Awareness within its leadership. We must look hard at this example and ask ourselves how we got to the tragic situation of cyber illiteracy that we now occupy. We must immediately change course, lest we be at the mercy of more technologically astute nations.”

Interference in the affairs of foreign states is the true cause of national animosities, and is the fertilizer and feed for terrorism.” *Clapping* I love it when someone really gets it, and when it comes to John, I think he really does. There’s a lot foreign policy wise that the US is doing wrong, even terribly, such as aid to the Syrian “moderate” Rebels. We cannot afford to keep this terrible streak of nation building up, because it’s not working.

Cutting this, along with foreign aid will help to free up a lot of taxpayer dollars, which in turn, will allow us to begin actually paying down the debt, and will actually make us more safer. We can’t even keep our own country safe here, so what makes us think we can protect the world?

Now, about his cyber awareness bit. I wouldn’t have a problem with it, if it’s goal is to beef up government security, and actually stop, for example, Chinese hackers from hacking government systems. That’s something that has completely been looked over, and for the safety of everyone, we need. I would trust McAfee to do this because he is a tech guru, and none of these phony politicians would be able to compete with his knowledge on the issue.


Libertarians advocate individual privacy and government transparency.

We support the rights recognized by the Fourth Amendment to be secure in our persons, homes, property, and communications.

“A McAfee administration will end the unconstitutional NSA surveillance of all Americans, and end the invasive and wasteful existence of the TSA.”

The defense of the country requires that we have adequate intelligence to detect and to counter threats to domestic security. This requirement must not take priority over maintaining the civil liberties of our citizens.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights shall not be suspended even during time of war. Intelligence agencies that legitimately seek to preserve the security of the nation must be subject to oversight and transparency.

We oppose the government’s use of secret classifications to keep from the public information that it should have, especially that which shows that the government has violated the law.

Ending the NSA and TSA would be very much beneficial to Americans, since it’s been proven that both the NSA and TSA aren’t exactly helping to protect us. The elimination of the TSA doesn’t necesssarily mean that airports will be unprotected, as private firms do offer the same service as the TSA, but with more success and better quality for both the airports and passengers.

In addition to the end of these two terrible agencies, McAfee wants to protect the Constitution from abuse in times of war, which is a major thing that we all really need to be thinking of. When 9/11 happened, there was talk of immediate war and an all out assault on not only the enemies, but our own rights and freedoms in the name of “safety”. It’s been no better under Obama than under Bush. We now have indefinite detention allowed. I used to think that’d be something you’d find in some third-world dictatorship, not the “Land of the Free”. These Democrats and Republicans have trashed this document, even though they profess to be the protectors of it. They suck, and it’s time for the Libertarians to rise up and be the real defenders of it.


Neither the Democratic, nor Republican parties can be trusted with our economy.

George W. Bush’s presidency was characterized by massive spending, not only on unjust war, but also massive new farm subsidies, huge increases in education spending, and finally the disastrous Wall Street bailouts.

The Obama administration followed suit, with its endless fiscal “stimulus” and “stabilization” spending, bloated entitlement budgets, and an ever-rising national debt ceiling.

The failed policies of the Democrats and Republicans in Washington have lead us into a decade of economic stagnation, all the while still wasting money on endless war.

Where America has seen incredible progress is in those sectors of the economy that are least regulated, such as the technology sector.

With the new online sharing economy, and the exponential advances in our ability to conduct commerce electronically, we have already proven that great advances are made possible when government gets out of the way.

Libertarians want all members of society to have abundant opportunities to achieve economic success. A free and competitive market allocates resources in the most efficient manner. Each person has the right to offer goods and services to others on the free market. The only proper role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. All efforts by government to redistribute wealth, or to control trade, are improper in a free society.

‘Nuff said.

Debt Slavery:

It’s Time To End The Federal Reserve

The Fed performs 5 main functions:

– It facilitates interbank monetary exchanges

– It sets standards and procedures for ordinary banks

– It prints currency

– It is the lender of last resort

– It sets monetary policy (controls interest rates)

Prior to the creation of the Fed, there existed private Clearinghouse Associations. These associations performed the following functions:

– Interbank exchanges

– Lenders of last resort

– Created standards for membership. A bank had to meet these standards in order to become a member

What about paper currency? Paper currency can be issued by ordinary banks, as it was in the US until the 1930s. We are already familiar with American Express, Visa and other institutions issuing redeemable travelers checks.  It is the same concept as banks issuing redeemable currency notes.

And who would control monetary policy? No one. Monetary policy, obviously, would be self controlled by decentralized market forces, as it should be.

But all of these issues are becoming moot. It is clear that crypto-currencies will soon be the defacto standards of the world’s money. The Fed will disappear due simply to the issue of relevancy. An irrelevant institution cannot survive in the world of reality.

#EndTheFED and send it to its grave for good.


We must seek to end all war; from foreign intervention, to military and economic aid, to the war on drugs.

If this point wasn’t made clear, and I believe it was, then I think you need to scroll back up a bit and reread some of the stuff on foreign policy.

The Libertarian Party:

The Democrats and the Republicans have failed us.

It’s time to #UninstallTheSystem …the two-party system.

The Libertarian Party is America’s third largest and fastest growing political party. The Libertarian Party was created by people who realized that the politicians had strayed from America’s original libertarian foundation, with disastrous results. Their vision was the same as that of America’s founders — a world where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, a world of peace, harmony, opportunity, and abundance. Libertarians are practical; we know we can’t make the world perfect. But, it can be better. Libertarians will keep working to create a better, freer society for everyone.

Learn More about the Libertarian Party at LP.Org


I think that’s all I have to say about John’s positions. Truly, I think John McAfee is a great candidate on the issues. The main problem I take with him is the sketchyness of certain past activities, including what happened in Belize that prompted police to go after him. It’s all a hot mess, if you ask me, and I believe John also has addressed this in the recent Stossel Libertarian Debate (Part 1). He is also the most flamboyant of what he is like. there isn’t a picture I’ve seen recently where he doesn’t have a gun, or he’s shirtless, or he surrounded by women. Something, but that might play against him should someone try appealing to “family values”.

I’m just trying to find things that might hurt him, but he’s probably already thought of this. The fact that he is able to address this stuff is GREAT, and that’s great because it leaves little room for media speculation, which in this case should he be the nominee, they will do to a very big extent. It also shows people that he’s willing to be level with them about their concerns, which in this day and age, is worth a lot. Other than that, I think that John McAfee is a solid candidate, and I think his involvement in the party and the election is a great thing.

John McAfee’s Campaign Website: [Link]


Candidate: John McAfee

Overall Score: 8.5/10 Would definitely vote and support enthusiastically



One thought on “My Thoughts on The Libertarians: John McAfee

  1. I’d love to see John get the nomination. If he does I will change my website that was designed to get Gary Johnson elected but the more I learn about McAfee the better I like him. I will support any Libertarian that gets the nomination.


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