You Have An Alternative Option



Seriously, you have more options than these two really bad people. There are several people in the third largest party in the country who would love to have your support, and hate both of the top two choices as well.

Here are some of the candidates running for the Libertarian Party:

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is the founder of the largest construction firm in New Mexico, which he grew from a small, simple business many years ago. As Governor, Johnson was elected against all odds, and re-elected by an even bigger margin than his first time. While governor, he vetoed hundreds of bills that came to his desk. In his lifetime overall, Johnson has been a very active man, and has even climbed the largest mountain peak on each continent.

As President, Johnson would seek to:

  • Cut taxes and balance the budget
  • Allow the private sector to create jobs
  • Term Limits for the US Congress
  • A government that adheres to its Constitutional limits
  • Always protect our Personal Freedoms
  • An Immigration policy that is fair and promotes jobs
  • A government that doesn’t spy without warrants or due process
  • Gary supports our troops and wants a strong and smart defense that works within budget constraints

For more information, or to get involved, see here: [Gary Johnson 2016]

John McAfee

John McAfee is a world-famous computer scientist who created the first Anti-Virus program McAfee Security Suite. He has led an interesting life, taking him all over the world. McAfee has been one of the largest advocates for cyber-security and internet privacy.

As President, McAfee would seek to:

  • Pursue a foreign policy of defense, and put an end to the interventionist policy that has failed miserably
  • Free the marketplace, to encourage growth and development, especially with the sharing economy
  • Protect the property rights of property owners
  • Subject intelligence agencies to real oversight
  • End the War on Drugs
  • Protect gun rights
  • Promote an easier system of legal immigration

For more information, or to get involved, see here: [John McAfee 2016]

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the former Executive Producer of the former Fox Business show Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano. After this, he went to work for FreedomWorks, till he left to create his own consulting firm, which he still runs. His is a libertarian activist who has worked for the Libertarian Party in the past, before leaving.

As President, Petersen would seek to:

  • Applying the “Penny Plan”, which would be 1% cuts to each Federal Government department
  • Ending foreign aid to hostile nations
  • Reform the Veterans Administration
  • Lower barriers to trade with foreign nations
  • Audit the Federal Reserve
  • Follow updated “Ellis Island” protocols
  • End the War on Drugs
  • Ending Obamacare

For more information, or to get involved, see here: [Austin Petersen 2016]


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