Marco Rubio Needs To Be Stopped


Let us discuss Marco Rubio, and just how terrible he really is. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Floridian, and Rubio is my Senator… well, part time, that is. Rubio is a neo-conservative who snuck his way in with the Tea Party wave back in 2010, and even then, I had a bad feeling about him. Over time, I had my feelings confirmed, and it wasn’t a surprise at all to me what he wants to do now.

But, let me go over a few things now:

– Libyan Civil War

Rubio was sworn into the Senate in 2011, and from then on, began letting his bad side be known. For those who remember, the Libyan Civil War was beginning to pick up traction, and there was definite fighting now in the country. Neo-cons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham were calling for war, and who was joining them? Marco Rubio.

Rubio was described as a “leading voice” in the run-up to US intervention in the Libyan Civil War. His goal, as stated in The Weekly Standard, was clearly regime change, and he wanted the Obama Administration to also share that belief. But, he didn’t just support the executive actions that Obama took against the Libyan Government, he wanted a full on war with Libya, which is why he called for an Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) against Libya to even get that regime change.

He wanted to further and legitimize Obama’s – no, Hillary’s war in Libya. That same war that Republcans will criticize as Obama and Hillary’s war, Rubio wanted to make even bigger and worse, and sacrifice American lives.

Now, why do I bring this up? Because now he’s flipping on the issue, and is now trying to backtrack on this. As he spoke in the recent CNN Republican Debate on 2/26/16, he said the following:

“We didn’t topple Gaddafi, the Libyan people toppled Gaddafi.”

Rubio’s right in a technical sense–the Libyan rebels, not the US Marines, physically deposed Gaddafi, but the Senator’s answer only makes sense if we’re willing to overlook some pretty glaring facts.

In the debate, he blammed radical islamist radicals for the chaos in Libya, while completely avoiding the reality that the United States, with Rubio, Obama and Hillary’s consent, destroyed the stability of the country. It is (more than) these three people who are responsible for the radical islamists that have flooded into the country, but now Rubio wants to sweep that all under the rug, as if it never happened.

-Defense Spending

In early 2015, Marco Rubio and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R) called for massive increases in Defense Spending. In an opinion piece penned to CNN, they said:

Our highest priority during the ongoing budget debate should be undoing the damage caused by defense sequestration and the hundreds of billions of dollars of defense cuts made by the Obama administration.

To start, here’s the total amount of cuts made in the sequester compared to overall spending:


Now, here’s the total amount of Defense cuts that the Sequester resulted in:


Now, here’s what Defense spending was in 2013, and then 2015. Note that this is NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE WHOLE BUDGET, but just Discretionary Spending:



What is the point of this? To show you that the sequester really didn’t cut as much to defense spending as people want you to think.

Now, why has Defense spending gone down hundreds of billions under Obama? Oh, I don’t know, maybe because WE’RE NOT FIGHTING TWO WARS ANYMORE. We’re no longer fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. We don’t need to maintain the spending levels that resulted from stocking up war gear and materials for war. We’re not doing that stuff anymore.

Why do we need to continue those spending levels? Why? It makes no sense to maintain them when we’re not in a war, let alone 2. There are plenty of things that could have been cut by the sequester from the Defense Budget. Rand Paul points out:

  • $9 billion running grocery stores
  • $6 billion on nondefense research
  • $700 million on clean-energy research
  • $15 billion on education (19,000 students in it’s own school system, where tuition = $50,000 on average)

You’re telling me that this stuff can’t be cut (or for the schools, privatized)? Are you mentally insane, or just trying to cover up your support for big government?

Rubio wants to undo the supposed $1 Trillion in cuts made to defense over the span of the Obama Administration. How do you pay for this without raising taxes? You can’t, and you won’t be able to cut domestic programs to pay for it.

-Tax Plan

Shifting gears a bit, let’s discuss some tax policy. The Tax Foundation has gone through all the candidates proposals, and if you’d like to see more on these plans in general, see this linked PDF.

Now, let’s just look to tax rates. Here’s many of the Republicans on their tax rates:


There are only 2 people who begin taxing below the $12,600 level, and those two are Rick Santorum, and Marco Rubio. Also note, that Santorum is out, but Rubio is in. Imagine what a 15% tax on an income below $12,600, and the effects that would have on a person trying to live with that? And another thing: Rubio’s plan is simply a manipulation of the current system that’s in place today.

The Rubio plan continues progressive taxation, and kicks out the possibility of a flat (or fair) tax. It continues the tiered system that will now tax even reach all US citizens. Compare that to Rand Paul’s, whose goal was to get people off the Income Tax scheme, and didn’t tax anyone under $50,000.

In addition to this, what will this do for government revenues? To put it lightly, they go down. The Tax Foundation found that on a Static Basis, revenues go down more than $6 Trillion. On a Dynamic Basis, revenues go down more than $2 Trillion. To put it lightly, there’s a major decrease in revenues, meaning that there will be a growing deficit in the budget (just with the one we have now). This does not take into account what a candidate wants to do. It mearly is only compared to today’s budget. Meaning: Rubio’s plan will not be able to pay for what he wants to do, such as rebuilding the military, and so on.

To summarize, I have many more problems with the man, but these are only just a few. Electing Rubio as President will mean that nothing changes in government, and nothing will be cut. You cannot do it under Rubio, nor Trum, nor Cruz. It will not happen, and do not expect it to happen.


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