My Thoughts On The Refugee Crisis : Part II


Currently, France is cannibalzing it’s freedoms. But I’m not dealing with France in this post. This post is dealing strictly with the Middle East, and trying to get to why these Refugee’s are on the move, and not staying in their countries.

Back in 2013, Amnesty International released a few satellite images of Aleppo, Syria, which is the country’s most populous city. What did it look like? Well, lot’s of stuff was bombed, and definitely destroyed. Here are a few of those images, which they provided to The Guardian.

As well, if you Google Image Search “Aleppo Before and After“, you can see exactly what the level of destruction is. A lot of buildings have either been obliterated to rubble, or have been rendered unhabitable due to their conditions. The point is, Aleppo isn’t hospitable in many parts, and the same can be said for the entire country of Syria, and definitely for Iraq.

The controlling factions in Syria, the Assad Government, and the al-Qaeda backed Rebels, have destroyed what Syria had been for hundreds of years. They have brought it to its knees, and the people understandably want out.

ISIS and al-Qaeda, two groups, and I will say this, the US has both indirectly and directly helped, have ravaged many parts of the Middle East. The US Government, both the executive and legislative branches, despite all their hot air, have helped these two groups, and countless others.

For example, the US was providing airdrops of supplies to the Kurdish militants fighting against ISIS. Whether we should be supporting the Kurds is another completely separate question, but as you may expect, guess who started getting ahold of those supply drops? You guessed it. Good intentions, and maybe even an isolated incident, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In September of 2013, The Washigton Post reported that the CIA was beginning to deliver weapons to Syrian Rebel Groups. All of this had been promised by the Obama Administration. A month later,

In late 2014, it was discovered that weapons given to the Lybian Rebels starting back in 2011, ended up in the hands of terrorists and militant groups that are NOT good guys. So yeah, when Rand Paul clashed with Hillary Clinton over the activities of the CIA, he was right on the issue, and who knows, maybe it did factor into Benghazi, but on that, we’ll truly never know.

And now, let’s ge back to something more recent. In September of 2015, it was reported that the US had only a few dozen rebels, and that those rebels went off and surrendered their equiptment to Nusra Front, which is al-Qaeda’s Syria branch. Clearly, I think if this hasn’t shown us that we cannot trust these “moderate rebels” that Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, and the other Neo-Conservatives believe we can trust, we’re only hurting ourselves.

But I’ll save them for my next post. The point here is that the US Government, and probably as well many other governments around the world, for years, have been funnelling in weapons left and right, saturating the area that’s already got lot’s of people who do NOT like the West. It’s not because we’re free. It’s because the US Government, and NATO’s campaigns of terror across the region that have decimated homes, families, and turned innocent people into hateful souls looking for revenge. This is what Ron Paul called “blowback”, and make no mistake: IT. IS. REAL.

Through the US Government, and many other’s, actions, they’ve all helped to completely blast away any concrete foundation that has supported the region, and kept it calm. Toppling Hussain was a mistake. Sure, he was a dictator, but there was no al-Qaeda in Iraq when he had power. After he was taken out, guess who moved in? When you topple a power structure, and decimate a countr completely, you open a power vaccum, and people of all kinds of factions will be drawn to it.

So, who is reponsible at the end of the day for the rise of ISIS, and the instability of the Middle East? Don’t look at them. Look at the people in the US Government. The President, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama haven’t done good. The Senators and Representatives who vote for legislation to give lethal aid to terrorists and al-Qaeda. The lobbyists from the Military Industrial Complex who lobby for that legislation. The think-tanks that support these actions, the spokespeople who spew the talking points. They’re the ones to really blame.




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