CISA Moves To Obama’s Desk; Likely To Be Signed


A week ago Tuesday, the Senate finally passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA. This has been on the radar of people who care about the Constitution, and privacy advocates for years now, since the final fall of the old CISPA bill. This bill though has gotten the furthest, and that’s the worst thing about it. The Senate and House have both cleared it. Congress has done all it wanted to do. The President is the last person who will have the bill, and will most likely sign, another bad thing for everyone in the country.

Back last year, I did a video on CISA. It’s on the 2014 version, but it should still be almost spot on to what’s going to be passed probably this week, if not today. You can view that below:

Now, I really am dissapointed by this. Scratch that, I feel betrayed again by Congress and the Republicans who told us they were for smaller government. Here’s how the vote went:

Totals     Republican     Democrat     Independent
  Yea 74
43 30 1
  Nay 21
6 14 1
Not Voting 5
5 0 0
Required: Simple Majority source:

A few notables I’d like to mention. First, those who voted in favor of the bills. I’m going to go over a few people who were either recently elected, or have an election coming up, or I’m just upset with:

  • John McCain (I hope Ward kicks you out of the Senate)
  • Joni Ernst (so much for being for the Constitution)
  • Cory Gardner (so much for being for the Constiution)
  • Jeff Sessions (I expect better from you)
  • Bill Cassidy (so much for being for the Constitution)
  • Ben Sasse (so much for being for the Constitution)
  • Thom Tillis (so much for being for the Constitution)
  • Shelly Capito (wait, you were a puppet of Karl Rove. That’s all I need to know)
  • John Cornyn (Ted Cruz endorsed)
  • Mithch McConnell (Rand Paul endorsed)

The bolded one’s are all Freshman Senators who campaigned on smaller government and protecting the Constitution. With this vote, we can finally confirm that to be all a big, fat lie.

Now, for those I’m happy with:

  • Mike Lee
  • Dean Heller
  • Steve Daines
  • Dan Sullivan

Thes are thge 4 Republicans who voted against CISA. That’s pathetic that there aren’t any more besides them, but I’ll still take 4 over none.

Now, the missed votes I can’t just list out. I need to yell at them all separately.

Marco Rubio – Please drop out of the Presidential Race or resign your Senate seat now. You are MY senator, and you sure are NOT representing me, or even the rest of your constituents. You’ve missed votes left and right this entire Presidential Campaign, but somehow, you deflect it as just an attack from the liberal media? Nope, I’m calling you out, Senator. You do not deserve to EVER hold political office again. I didn’t even expect you to vote “NO”, but you could have at least done your job.

Lindsey Graham – Why are you still running for President? What are you even doing? Besides having zero shot at this, you’re already a terrible Senator. You’re like McCain’s secret husband we don’t know about. The last thing the Senate needs today is you. You have missed so many votes, but luckily for you, Rubio is still doing worse than you.

David Vitter – You’re relatively conservative and care abou the Constitution. Now, care about the entire thing, and do your job. I don’t know why you weren’t there, but you’d better have a good reason.

Ted Cruz – For all this talk of restoring the Constitution, and standing up for freedom, Ted, you simply suck. You’re missing votes left and right, just as you did with Loretta Lynch. Maybe not as many as Rubio and Graham, but not that far off. You were supposed to be the third addition to the liberty caucus in the Senate. Ron Paul endorsed you. Rand Paul endorsed you. Mike Lee endorsed you. But what did you turn out to be? A dissapointment. Wait, I need to remind myself that you were part of the Bush transition team back in 2001, and your wife works for Goldmann Sachs. Nothing suspicious there.

Rand Paul – I would say I’m pissed off with you, but I can’t. You at least tried to be involved in the bill’s debate. You at least proposed amendments to it, to try to mitigate the bad in the bill. That, and you helped stalled the vote back in August till now. So you know what, I’m still mad at you, but at least you tried and made an effort on the bill, unlike the others.

So what happens now? What do we do now? Can we get some nullification going around here, because this could be nullified in your state, just like the drug laws and drone laws and the gun laws even. If people don’t want to do that, then the bill needs to be repealed, and killed. Either way, something needs to be done.

On another note, elect better people. I’d think that people with the knowledge of what the Constitution says would greatly improve things.


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