How To Tell If Your Party Really Hates You

That picture above has signifigance, and we’ll get to it. Allow me to explain just what this is. The scene on the left is of the Presidential Suite of the hotel where the RNC decided to put the candidates before the debate. Looks really nice, doesn’t it?

The right side is of a bathroom in the hotel. Not as pleasant as the Presidential Suite, huh? Or even a general room in the hotel, for that matter. Now, since we have that out of the way, let’s play a game. Which room belongs to Trump, and which is Rand Paul’s room?

Chris LaCivita of the Rand Paul campaign posted the photo in a tweet:

To answer the game, the Trump campaign got the luxurious suite, while the Paul campaign got the bathroom. But, there’s even more. It doesn’t stop with Trump. Check out Carly Fiorina’s prep area:


And here is Marco Rubio’s theatre:


First off, I’d like to ask why the GOP couldn’t afford to, oh I don’t know, BOOK ROOM FOR THEIR CANDIDATES??? It’s not that hard. All you have to do is do a few clicks, pay, and voila, you have rooms reserved. Wait, they know how to do that, otherwise Trump wouldn’t have gotten a Presidential Suite. Honestly, this is pathetic, and it’s bullshit like this that make people in the party angry.

Now, based off these images, I want you to answer me this: who is liked by the Party, and who is hated? I’m not talking about a candidates position in the polls. Don’t bring that into this. That would actually matter if they had rooms, or even better parts of the hotel even. I’m talking about who is an insider, and who isn’t.

Trump has a Presidential Suite. How might you get a Presidential Suite? Possibly by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to suckish establishment candidates and organizations. That’s how you get a Presidential Suite. You have to be an insider, of which, Trump certainly is. The same goes for Rubio. He has a theater, which might not be as nice as a Presidential Suite, but isn’t a bathroom. Rubio certainly is one of the bigger establishment insiders, and he’s growing due to Jeb’s demise.

Carly got placed in what looks like a spa room essentially. It contains a Jacuzzi and massage chairs. Certainly, that doesn’t come without doing some sucking up, and with her prior Senate race, and her work on the McCain ’08 campaign, certainly, she isn’t an outsider.

Is Rand Paul an insider? Not really. Besides his too close cuddling with McConnell, and with all the fighting in that odd relationship, Rand isn’t an insider. His Party has been trying to stack the deck against him. They’ve been calling for him to drop. They’ve been trying to keep the Paul’s out of the nomination for President for a long time now. Maybe that’s what is needed: a Paul in the White House.


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