My Thoughts On Bernie Sanders: Racial Justice – Economic Violence

20150814_123247000_iOSI’m sharing my thoughts on Bernie Sanders, and his platform is something I have a found a lot I can agree with. Today, I’m going through his Economic Violence plank in his Racial Justice platform. Going through it, there’s a lot of stuff I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with, but overall, I see a lot of bad ideas, and a lot of “free stuff”.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

#1. Universal College

We need to give our children, regardless of their race or their income, a fair shot at attending college. That’s why all public universities should be made tuition free.

Hm, that sounds nice. I’m a college freshman. My tuition is a bit rough. I’m looking for work. I can see why this appeals to so many, but what isn’t seen does worry me, and that’s what most others who might support this do not see.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. This is a lesson in economics that cannot be broken. “Free” is truly not free. “Free” in the case of making publicly-controlled Universities tuition free isn’t making them free. Rather, it’s shifting the costs from the student to the general taxpayer. Now, why is this bad? Because the taxpayer has enough to worry about as it is. The average taxpayer see’s 40% of their pay disappear in taxes. That money, which could have had many other uses, such as general savings, savings for college tuition, paying bills, or even just for fun and leisure, is now gone, swallowed up into a leviathan that doesn’t work.

Currently, the proposal for many of Bernie’s plans is around $18 Trillion in spending over 10 years, or $1.8 Trillion a year. Here’s how it’s split up:


College Affordability, which is referring to Bernie’s “Free College” plan, comes in at $750 Billion. This means that all college students going to a public university, whether it be a small community college, or the best of the best public universities, everyone get’s a free ride. IT would cost $70 Billion a year to fund this plan. Who is paying for this? It’s not just the rich Wall Street dude. It’s the poor sucker too. It’s the college student who is trying to not drown under debt. It’s the parents trying to pay for their college students education and still pay all their bills.

“But it’s shifting the costs from here to there! It’s not doubling the cost!” And those costs will stay low? Don’t give me bs. Taxes will go up on everyone if Bernie has his way, and that’s because there simply will not be enough money coming from the 1% to fund everything, and with that too, the 1% won’t be the 1% for long then. They move down as their money goes away. This is a bad idea, but it’s good if you’re going to try and make everyone poorer.

Then there’s the theory that more people need to be going to college. That’s what this plan is enforcing. The idea that more people need to be going to college is ludicrous. If you did not get through high school well, then college shouldn’t be on your mind. Sounds rough? Perhaps if you knew that the bottom 25% of Bachelor’s Degree earners make just around as much as a person with only a High School Diploma, you might see why it’s a bad idea:

As Chris Matthews writes over in Fortune Magazine:

The bottom quarter of earners with a college degree don’t make more money than the average high school graduate. And this hasn’t really changed much in 40 years. In fact, this graphic shows that a college degree has become more valuable even for the bottom quarter of earners, likely as a result of the evaporation of high-paying blue collar jobs, like those in the manufacturing industries. Of course, over the past 40 years, the cost of a degree has increased 12-fold, while a degree holder isn’t making more money at all, when accounting for inflation.

Do yourself a favor, and consider this. If you don’t know what you want to do, don’t go. If your grades weren’t that good, don’t go. If you only want to experience the parties, don’t go. College is something that isn’t for everyone, and Bernie is trying to make it open to everyone. The results have put people under thousands of dollars of debt, and have screwed over ten or even hundreds of thousands of people. Meanwhile, other sectors are suffering from a lack of people going into them, but those jobs require actual work, and these past few generations aren’t about that kind of life.

#2. Jobs Programs For Colored Youth

We must invest $5.5 billion in a federally-funded youth employment program to employ young people of color who face disproportionately high unemployment rates.

I have already addressed this, and if Bernie truly cared, he’d not support more job’s programs.

#3. Pay Equality For Woman

Knowing that black women earn 64 cents on the dollar compared to white men, we must pass federal legislation to establish pay equity for women.

I have already addressed this, and if Bernie truly cared, he’d not support having employers provide paid maternity leave. That’s kind of a turn off if an employer think he or she may lose an employee for several weeks. Doesn’t help the woman either, even if she get’s a few weeks off.

#4. Employer Discrimination Against Criminals

We must prevent employers from discriminating against applicants based on criminal history.

Criminals commit crimes. Employers don’t want to hire someone with a record of shoplifting. Would you want to hire someone who has a record of shoplifting? That person can say a million times “I’ve changed.”, but that doesn’t always end up being true. Employers see hiring people with criminal records as a risk to their business. They ask a few vital questions:

  1. Can I trust this person?
  2. Is this person someone I want representing my business?
  3. What will other people or employee’s think of this?

The first I’ve already gone through. The second is different.

When a high profile blog on Tumblr that SJW’s hate get’s exposed, what happens? First, their information get’s leaked everywhere on the Web. This is the case of what happened to two prominent bloggers, CommunismKills, and Plebcomics. Both had their identities leaked. People knew who they worked for, and demanded that they be fired, otherwise face shame and ridicule. The employer see’s this as a burden to them, because this will effect their business, and create negative press, which will be more received online that better press. To avoid this, they let them go.

The employer does not want to incur bad press. That’s the absolute last thing they want, and having past criminals on the payroll might not help. Now, if it’s part of a rehab program that the employer has already discussed with an outside group, that’s one thing. Individually is different, and members of the public might be full aware of what the person did.

The third point goes like this. Imagine the past criminal is brought on. People will notice this. News can spread around, and as explained in point 2, negative press travels further than positive press.

Bernie’s trying to play nice, but let’s be real. The employer will find other reasons to not accept the person on if they still know he/she is a criminal.

#5. Affordable Childcare

We need to ensure access to quality affordable childcare for working families.

I’ve already discussed this point, and Bernie really isn’t helping working families here. He’s just siphoning off more taxes from them, and it’s not just coming from the rich.


I’m doing a series on Bernie Sanders, and all of those posts can be found at this link here, which will be updated every time I finish a new part of the series.

You can find that page here: [LINK]


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Bernie Sanders: Racial Justice – Economic Violence

  1. it does seem difficult to convert from our current system where people pay through the nose for a public college education, because of how far away we are from it now, but if it’s *inherently* as expensive as you mention, then why are so many other countries, ones which are not even as wealthy as the US, managing to do it just fine? i think the key will be to rethink lots of aspects of the current system, to model the program off successes in other countries (whose populace is getting ahead of us in terms of being better educated). when i first started college, it was possible to go to community college for about $30 per 3-unit class, and it was really easy to get fee waivers (most people took 4-5 classes per semester, which cost $120-$150, less than books cost, and their parents could easily afford it, so they didn’t need the fee waivers, but they were universally available to anyone that did). that was about 15 years ago. so i just don’t believe the world has changed so much in 15 years that it can’t be like that again, or that what other countries are finding ways to do, we are less capable of. we can’t keep thinking of ourselves as the greatest country in the world if we keep selling ourselves short and saying we’re just not able to make good things happen here. and i think the reason we want people to be better educated across the board is to improve the *quality* of our workforce, to turn more of us into innovators. the rest of the world is starting to outpace us on this! when the richest 20 individuals in this country own as much wealth as the entire bottom half of the population combined, however, there’s not enough money flowing through the economy for any of this to happen. so that’s why i think we have to imagine a lot of things changing at once, rather than trying to imagine one component of the plan being possible while the rest of it remains broken. a lot is broken. it’s a tall order! but we have to start naming what’s broken and talking about how it ought to look instead then working diligently to make it happen, rather than throw up our hands while we fall like Rome did.


  2. final comment is, you’re very young. your view on maternity leave *will* change. the bottom line is, babies’ neurological/developmental needs are such that they actually need to breastfeed every 2 hours and be in contact with the body of their mom (or a caretaker) for at least the first few months (you might look up this concept of the 4th trimester). science has sorted this out already, but our policies haven’t caught up. check out and the documentary “the milky way” and i suspect even if you don’t do a 180, you’ll agree that if society wants there to be babies, then we have to make it a society where babies can be raised healthily. it would be another matter of having babies was a hobby, but we do need them in society, and therefore we need to value them and attend to their genuine biological needs. we are currently one of only two countries in the world that don’t offer guaranteed medical leave for mothers & babies. i would also be a fan of more relaxed policies around carrying very young babies to work in slings. if you’re not aware of this, tiny babies actually have very soft voices, and unless they’re colicky, they need just 3 things from momma to soothe back to sleep: breast, clean diaper, close contact in a firm wrap. while not feasible for all, where it would work i’d love to see it embraced. in the end, i think that we should defer to the scientists and experts to help inform policies that are best, and in this case, we haven’t done that (nor with many other things, and thus the union of concerned scientists, but that’s another topic for another day). 😉


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