CNN Polling Issues

You know, I have trust issues, and this doesn’t help. Here’s a recent poll that was released by CNN/ORC, post debate. Now, I want to point something out here. This poll was taken back between September 17th, and September 19th. Now, scrolling to Question 6 reveals some interesting things about this completely harmless, honest poll taken of all people:

Photo Sep 20, 12 40 49 PM

Yes, the people polled (Conservatives and Republicans) said they thought Donald Trump did the worst. Think that is fine? Eh, keep reading.

Photo Sep 20, 12 40 52 PM

Missing Columns: Women & Non-White People

Photo Sep 20, 12 40 56 PM

Columns Missing: People Making Under $50K & No College People

Photo Sep 20, 12 40 59 PM

Missing Columns: Everywhere but the Suburban South

Photo Sep 20, 12 41 04 PM

Missing Columns: Anyone Not White

Photo Sep 20, 12 41 01 PM

Missing Columns: Anyone Under 50

Photo Sep 20, 12 41 07 PM

So, what you’re saying is, you couldn’t find 1006 landlines in the country, so you opted to call people’s cell phones instead for 40% of the poll. Yeah, that’s really helping you, CNN.

Notice the demographics that are missing. Take a guess how well the GOP has done with those missing. Now, could these have been more specific questions? Sure. The problem with that theory is that they didn’t list that in their questions for each of these.

What does this poll do? Guess where Rand has been reaching out to? Those people, by CNN’s own doing, were left out of this, and probably intentionally so. The young people are making up one of Rand’s biggest groups, and CNN has left them out. The GOP has a problem with minorities, but there are black, hispanic, asian, etc… Republicans, and I honestly refuse to believe CNN couldn’t get even 1. That’s kind of a middle finger, I think.

This poll, to put it as simply as I can put it, was DESIGNED to help Donald Trump. Polling older people? Check. More conservative south? Check. Leave out the young and minorities? Check. I don’t think I can put it any other way.


The same s*** that happened in 2012 s still going on. It’s just involving different people, but still being done at the hands of the same people. This poll is being lauded by the Trumpites as another reason Rand should drop out, but with the polling done here, I think it’s only given me more reasons to distrust the polls even more.

PHOTO CREDIT: Meagan Richards





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