Apologies For My Absense

I’ve had a long week, and a lot of quizzes in school. As a result, I haven’t had time to continue my series of posts on Bernie Sanders, which can be found over on its separate page, or scrolling down.

I have also began working on the second debate analysis, which will go over Rand Paul’s debate performance. I did watch the debate. I thought he did good, but could have been better. Now that we’re post-debate, I’m seeing more opinions, and there’s a lot of praise for him, so we shall see.

Note: if you’re reading The Rand Paul Post-Debate Analysis, you’re reading my review of the first one, and that wouldn’t be good. I’m doing this new one in two parts, just because I was able to find videos of each question and answer by Paul from the campaign. I’ve already began working on it, so that should appear sometime this weekend.

That’s all for now!


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