Donald Trump’s Money To Groups

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Part 4 in what turned into a 4-part series on Donald Trump’s money to candidates and groups. This one focuses in on groups and PAC’s that Donald Trump has given money to. To view previous posts on money to candidates, see these.

Money to the Republican Establishment

Money to Conservatives

Money to Democrats

This is probably the biggest post out of the series. There’s just so many PAC’s and just so much money that Trump shifted to candidates and organizations here. There is no denying, after looking this, that Donald Trump is a outsider. He HAS spent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS investing in candidates. If you try to cover for this, then you are only part of the problem. You are excusing the corruption. You are no better than a Soros defender.

Criteria: Simple. This post will showcase money that Donald Trump has given to groups and PAC’s, and only those. No candidates will be included. Remember, these are total number all tallied up over Trump’s history.

Example: John Bolton Super PAC (R)- $5,000 (possible side comment)

1989 Republican H/S Dinner (R) – $5,000 (no external source available)

1998 Republican H/S Dinner (R) – $10,000 (scroll down)

2000 Republican H/S Dinner (R) – $1,000

American Crossroads (RINO) – $50,000 (this is Karl Rove’s SuperPAC)

Americans For A Republican Majority (RINO) – $1,000

Battle Born PAC (R) – $1,000 (affiliated with ex-Senator John Ensign (R))

Brooklyn Democrats (D) – $500 (Local Party)

Building Our Bases PAC (R) – $500

Campaign America (R) – $2,000

Charles Rangel Victory Fund (D) – $2,000

Commonwealth PAC (R) – $5,000

Congressional Leadership Fund (RINO) – $100,000 (For crying out loud, they applaud Boehner)

Democratic Cmte of New York State (D) – $10,000 (State Party)

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (D) – $60,000

Democratic National Committee (D) – $15,000  ( National Party)

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (D) – $119,550

Donald J Trump New York Delegate Cmte – $50,000

Freedom & Free Enterprise PAC (R) – $1,000

Fund For The Future Committee – $1,000 (no external source found)

Huck PAC (RINO) – $2,500

Hudson Valley Victory Fund (RINO) – $500 (now funds Democrats)

Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund (R) – $5,000

John Bolton Super PAC (RINO)- $5,000

Kentuckians For Strong Leadership (RINO)- $50,000 (they applaud McConnell)

Leadership For America Committee (R) – $1,000 (could not find a correct location)

Mary’s PAC (R) – $1,000

Monday Morning PAC (R) – $5,000 (affiliated with Newt Gingrich)

National Leadership PAC (D) – $14,000 (check out the recipients linked in this)

National Republican Congressional Campaign (R) – $13,000

National Republican Senatorial Committee (R)- $32,400 from, $167,800 towards

New Jersey First (D) – $6,000

New York Republican Campaign Committee (R) – $333 (state party)

North Carolina Republican Executive Committee (R) – $500 (why donate to NC REC? He’s in NY.)

Re-Elect Freshmen Of The Republican Majority (RINO) – $1,000 (donated to Democrats)

Republican National Committee (R)- $158,017 (National Party)

Searchlight Leadership Fund (D) – $1,000

Solutions America (RINO) – $6,500 (started by Rudy Guiliani)

Straight Talk America (RINO) – $5,000 (started primarily by John McCain)

Sunshine PAC (R) – $500

USA SuperPAC (RINO) – $5,000

Victory ’97 (R) – $1,000


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