US Army Involved In Road Work In Baltic Countries

You know, sometimes, I wonder just how stupid my government really is. Sometimes I see something, and it’s like “You people have no clue what you’re doing!” But sometimes, I take a moment, and look at something from a different perspective, and I get a completely different result that makes me feel like I’ve gone and wrapped myself in tinfoil.

Reading this article from did just that.

The headline reads “US Army Building Roads in Eastern Europe, Citing ‘Russian Aggression”. My first reaction was to think that that was a bit odd. After reading it, I honestly couldn’t comprehend the stupidity of their actions. How is this going to make things better? If those countries wanted this, then what stops them from doing it themselves? Surely, they should be able to handle such an endeavor?

Now, here’s where I stepped back and where things changed for me. A question popped up in my mind: suppose that they Russians invade. They now have a paved, smooth, and most likely, charted path towards population centers. Did no one stop to think of what happens if something like that were to happen? These roads aren’t being done in forests. They’re being done in swamps, which to begin with, can’t really be passed through by a tank. These would basically allow an invading force an easy way through, and further into the country.

The article goes on to say the following:

In this regard, ERI is trying to be the solution for the military-created problem, hauling thousands of tonnes of sand into those swampy areas to build “tank trails” that they can drive the tanks through, along with roads to support the infrastructure for the NATO operations in the area.
The army sees it as a win-win, as the pricey construction involves the use of contractors, and is subsequently popular with the host countries, and also lets the army deploy people to not-warzones, which is “good for morale.

Their thoughts are that it’ll allow them to easily move things around towards the border operations areas. But this very Cold War that I would say they’re actually pushing for, in reality, would mean that they are planning for something to happen, otherwise, it would’ve either been those nations doing it, or not done at all. This isn’t sounding cheap, to say the least, and only the higher ups involved with this know just how much the US Government is taking from us, the taxpayers, to improve other countries.

To the big-government cronies in the GOP and Dem Parties, this is a good thing. It lines their pockets, and it makes it look, to the American people, that we’re helping other countries in the face of “Russian aggression”. A closer look at things, and all we see is another government make-work scheme, spending millions to try and (mostly likely not) accomplish their intended goal. But hey, at least they’re doing the people of those countries good in building roads. Now if only we could get roads fixed here at home…


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