Missing People In National Parks And Government Incompetence

National Parks: we feel mostly safe in them. People love having a great time in them. They enjoy having a nice vacation with the family to them, going through them, and having lots of fun together. Sure, some people do die there, but that’s usually because they ended up doing something that put them in a dangerous spot, but that’s not very often. Seems like nothing is really terrible, right?

Wrong actually. This is little known, but it does exist. People in National Parks, such as Yellowstone, do go missing, and what I mean by that is not that they go missing, and then get found. They go missing, and that’s it. They’re not heard from again. It’s like they’ve dropped off the face of the earth, never being seen again.

Now, when this happens, you would think that there is some sort of list to track these people going missing. Some sort of database with the Parks Service or the Department of the Interior to pool all these names together, and keep track of just who went missing, where, and when, right?

Well, maybe. That depends on how much you’re willing to spend to get your hands on it. An author by the name of David Paulides attempted to get a list of missing people at Yellowstone National Park. After requesting a list, the lawyers of the Parks Service came back, and wanted him to PAY $30,000 for that. They neither confirmed nor denied the existence of even a list. Paulides then asked for a full list from all parks, and they came back asking for several million.

You would think that thousands of people have gone missing by 2015 in these parks, right? You’d be right, but in reality, there are a lot of people who have gone missing, but some had some rather… odd circumstances around their disappearances. Paulides, a former police officer, has been dedicated to uncovering many of these disappearances, and has compiled a map of disappearances that met a certain criteria that he determined, which you can listen to here:

Now, aside from his project, I’d like to get into this. There could only be two reasons that the Government is being so incompetent here. 1) They don’t give a flying ****. It could simply be shear stupidity on their part. 2) They’re trying to hide something. This one seems to be the more realistic and more believable of the two. People go missing, and then nothing gets done after such by the Interior Department? Really? Something seems vastly out of place there. Something smells fishy, and it’s costing human lives.

Government is incompetent, and shouldn’t be trusted. We’ve given them the power of policing, and they don’t seem perfectly capable of doing that. If they can’t keep a simple list, then what is your reasoning behind it? This only goes to show that you can’t even trust government to run a park. If a person goes missing, and they don’t track it, is that person really missing? I don’t know, maybe ask the their families.

For more info, and to see a park ranger confirm what I’ve said, see this below. It’s a trailer for a movie, which is raising money via KickStarter, and is about 3/4ths the way to it’s $100,000 goal. I want to see this when it comes out, because I think it’s going to be really good, but here’s the trailer:



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