Open Letter To Donald Trump Supporters


I have no intention of creating controversy with the Trump camp. However, I feel like some things need to be addressed. I’ve seen a lot of people absolutely fawning over Trump, and for a while, I was kind of sympathetic to Trump. That all came crashing to an end when I listened to his announcement speech, which was full of energy and a lot of fuel for some firefights, which he seems to be having out with people and groups now.

Trump, before his announcement, was a good guy in my book. Largely, I didn’t know much about his past, and it is key to understanding just who the man is. First off, it needs to be pointed out that the man has been either flirting with running or a declared candidate for the Presidency since 1996. Since then, practically in each Presidential election, he either touted the idea with some people, and was openly testing the waters, or he went the next step, and was an officially declared candidate.

The next thing that must be said is that he was a Democrat. There is no hiding this, Trump supporters. This isn’t some little, irrelevant thing that nobody needs to know about  him. He’s running to be the President, and a party flip doesn’t look to good when you’re trying to get the party’s nomination.

Third, it has to be well stated: he supported HILLARY CLINTON (yes, THAT Hillary Clinton) in the 2008 election cycle. What must also be noted, with connections to the Clinton’s, is his donations to their Foundation, the Clinton Foundation. Now, some of the Trump supporters will wave this off. “Oh, it’s for charity though.” These are most likely the same people who have said that Hillary uses the Foundation as her campaign war-chest or a slush fund.

Another thing that must be pointed out, is that as a Democrat, he held many of the positions a typical leftist would hold. I mean, this exists for a reason:

But I think the most decisive thing said about Trump’s former self is this, from Stu Burguiere from The Glenn Beck Program:

This could be the strangest part of the Trump saga. When people criticize him for donating to Hillary Clinton/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi etc, he says that it’s not because he agrees with them– it’s just that he was a businessman — and he did it to get things done for his business.

Think about what he is saying…

He helped people get elected who hurt the country – only to line his own pockets.

This isn’t my accusation – this is HIS EXPLANATION.

The man is admitting to routinely putting himself above the best interests of the country to enlarge his bank account. And he’s using this as a selling point. And people are buying it.

I think its time for a Trump free radio show or two. I need a vacation.

Now, I see a lot of Conservatives say they support Trump for his boldness and his un-politically correct language and how he goes about speaking on the issues. In that sense, he’s like the right’s Bernie Sanders. Sanders is willing to go around and say what he thinks, just like Trump is, and Sanders is in no way being politically correct at all. He’s willing to speak his mind and say the wackiest of things, even if it hurts him. For Trump, it’s comments on McCain’s service. For Bernie, it’s saying that all lives matter.

I cannot support a candidate who has:

  1. Flopped parties
  2. Flopped completely on his stances on the issues
  3. Supported Hillary Clinton

These three should have raised gigantic red flags with you, Trump supporters. Hey, they were all raised on your guy though. It’s all there, documented and public knowledge. The man gives me a bad vibe, and it’s a vibe that screams a famous line for an Admiral we all know, love and cherish:



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