Christie Claims Paul Is “Politicizing National Security”

Chris Christie came out swinging on Fox News recently at Rand Paul. In an interview with Shannon Bream, he made some rather interesting comments that I thought could use some addressing.

Here’s the interview:

Here’s some of the interesting things I will address. Some of these are really ridiculous.

Quote #1: He’s wrong and what he’s done has made American weaker and more vulnerable.

Christie say’s that Paul is wrong, but how is he wrong? Is he wrong on how programs like XKeyScore are actually picking up emails, internet history, etc… of regular people? Is he wrong about the NSA still being able to collect your phone calls under the USA FREEDOM Act? I’d love to hear just how wrong Senator Paul is.

Quote #2: And he’s done it, then he cut his speeches and put them on the Internet to raise money off them. He’s politicizing America’s national security.

How is national security not a political issue? Last time I checked, it is, and always has been, just like most other issues. National Security is one thing. Spying on millions of people is different, and I don’t believe for a second that you don’t have things to hide.

Quote #3: And his position is wrong, and he wouldn’t know it’s wrong because he’s never had the responsibility to do it.

So, the position that our records, papers, effects, and property is ours, and not for the government’s prying eye’s to see without probable cause and a warrant, as defined in the 4th Amendment in the US Constitution, is… wrong?

Quote #4: And as we face a heightened warning, um, on this Fourth of July weekend, what the American people need to know is that Senator Paul’s conduct has made them weaker, and more vulnerable to attack.

Paul made us weaker? That’s like saying the TSA makes us safe. Both statements are false. What makes the US weaker? Oh, I don’t know. Spying on our allies, such as Germany, France, and Brazil. How about the spending that the American public isn’t allowed to know is going on for spying on everyone and everything? I think that makes the American people weaker (and more broke, too).


Chris Christie tried to attack Rand Paul on the issue of NSA Spying, by invoking how it could damage National Security. As I pointed out, it’s done more to harm National Security, such as being ineffective and pissing off our allies. Christie tried attacking Paul for raising campaign cash, which I guess the only thing I really can say about that is that it’s really stupid.


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