What Is The Biggest Threat To America?

Author Note: Here is my article for Hypeline. Enjoy!

Great question. What really is the biggest threat to the United States? First, it’s important to say what isn’t. Here is what isn’t.

1. The Islamic State (ISIS)

Sure, ISIS keeps expanding, and gaining weapons that we gave the Iraqi Army, but guess what, they’re not that big of a threat to mainland USA. If you live in the states, you don’t fear an ISIS terrorist attack coming on a specific or really any day. The chances of you being killed by a cop are higher than being killed by a terrorist. Seriously.

2. Gun Confiscation

Yeah, that’s not happening anytime soon. Sure, some leftists would love that, but with Texas now going all in with Open Carry, and the NY Senate passing a bill rolling back some of the parts of the SAFE ACT, chances are, gun rights are going to be fine, and not really at risk in the US.

3. Russia

We get it: Putin hates the US, but the value of the Rubble is dropping. The Russian economy is in a mixed state, even as more sanctions are put on by the US and European nations. There is discontent in Russia with how Putin is doing, so worrying about Putin, while still maybe a good thing, isn’t the biggest thing we have to worry about.

4. China

Let’s jump down a bit south to China now. China is that one country we seem to benefit from in the form of cheap stuff, but really hates us deep down. China is being blamed for the cyber attack on the Government employee’s database. But, with trade deals happening around their borders, and a possible housing bubble of their own setting to burst, not even China is our biggest threat.

5. Republicans & Democrats

These two parties simply need to go, but I can’t even call them the biggest threat to the nation. Quite simply, they’ve both led the US into wars that didn’t do us any good, entered into entangling alliances we were warned not to do, and spent millennials futures into almost oblivion. But they still don’t fit the bill, no matter how much they stink.

So what is the biggest threat? I’ll tell you. It’s the NATIONAL DEBT.

The US National Debt sits at about $18.268 TRILLION upon writing this. Um, that’s a lot, and that amounts to:

  • $56,895 per citizen
  • $154,317 per tax payer

Do you got that kind of money? Because I don’t. And to continue on, the unpaid liabilities, aka stuff we guarunteed to others and have to pay for, is roughly… oh, it’s not that bad. It’s just $96,832 TRILLION. Okay, not even the Koch Brothers have that kind of money.

To put it simply, we owe a lot of money to a lot of places. A lot of it comes in loans from other countries. We have to pay them back at some point. What’s going to happen when they want their money back? We can’t afford to do it, let alone fund the current budget appropriations. To summarize, it is the biggest weak point we have, and thus, it is the biggest threat to the US.

If you’re not convinced, here’s a now-retired General saying the exact same thing:


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