Trade Promotion Authority & Why We Should Not Give It To Obama

Many conservatives, mostly Ted Cruz supporters in his campaign for President, will come to his defense on his vote to approve the TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority bill within the Senate, which will be up for vote in the House quite possibly today. They claim that this is for the better, that the Executive Branch should have this power. Should they hold this power? I argue that they shouldn’t. Here are some reasons why.

1. This bill will help the Obama Administration finish off the negotiations for the TPP.

This bill will help smooth the process for the Obama Administration to finish negotiations with other memebers of the possible Trans-Pacific Partnership member countries. This is a massive trade deal that is being sold under the guise of “free trade”. To say the least, it is not free trade. For more background on this, see other posts made to this blog.

2. We have to do it now!!!

Trade Promotion Authority is a six-year deal that would authorize the Executive Branch the power it needed to do negotiations with other nations on trade deals. While the ease may be there, just because it is easier, doesn’t mean it’s for the better. TPA would mean that Congress does not get to make any changes to the deal they would be voting on. They’d only get an up or down vote once it goes to them. Meaning, it’s either approved, or killed. It’s as simple as that. With a deal such as the TPP moving through, I would expect there to be some who would like to make amendments to it, and I could see why the GOP would want to do it, but unfortunately for them, this deal isn’t a good one, and just allowing an up or down vote on it, or other deals in the works like it, frankly, won’t be enough.

3. We need it to pass trade deals!!!

No, you don’t. Here is the CATO Institutes K. William Watson to explain:

Free trade agreements are an important tool to improve U.S. trade policy, and “fast track” trade promotion authority has been helpful in securing the completion and passage of those agreements. But, contrary to the assertion of many trade advocates, trade promotion authority is not a necessary prerequisite to passing trade agreements.

So, as stated, it makes it easier, but no, it’s not necessary. Let’s be serious.

4. We need it so that there won’t be so much the Democrats can do with it!!!

Um, welcome to the Republican held Congress. What are Republicans worried about? They control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. There is no major threat that can come from the Democrats really, when also factoring in how much lobbyists have spent trying to promote this thing as well. Guess what, the Constitution put the power to negotiate trade deals in the hands of the CONGRESS. Why? Because who does Congress represent? THE PEOPLE, or that’s how it used to be. The power to negotiate deals was given to the Congress in the Constitution by the Founders. They didn’t want the Executive doing it. They wanted those closest to the people doing it.

I could go on, but I’ll stop there for now. These are some of my objections to TPA currently. If the trade deal was really about just free trade, then I wouldn’t be really hesitant to be for TPA, but with the super-secretive deal like the TPP, aka ObamaTrade, I honestly don’t think giving the President TPA will be for the good of the Country, even going into the next Presidency.


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