5 Lindsey Graham Votes That Should Concern You

What? Just 5???? Yeah, I know. When it comes to Lindsey Graham, he has a lot of bad votes. Some are worse than others. Some aren’t too bad. Rarely is there a good vote on his part. It still amazes me that he decided to run for President, and I’ll say good luck to him in trying to overcome the tremendous hurdle of gathering enough support to get into the debates, or in the case of CNN, the higher or lower-tier candidate debate.

With that being said, here are 5 Lindsey Graham votes that should concern you.

1. Graham voted for the nomination of Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General

Graham voted in favor of the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be the new Attorney General. In case you have not heard, Lynch isn’t a good person. Aside from her support of Civil Asset Forfeiture, where the police can basically take your stuff “for an investigation”, she also has some other issues. She believes that the President’s Executive Amnesty is legal, while a court recent declared otherwise. Voting for an AG who doesn’t have a clear distinction of even the limits of the Executive, and Graham’s support for her is definitely worrying to anyone who loves freedom (or limited government).

2. Graham voted to fully fund the DHS, including the President’s Executive Amnesty.

Graham voted earlier in the year to fully fund the DHS, and actually criticized his fellow colleagues in the Senate for voicing opposition to the spending bill. Hmm, okaying Executive Amnesty? If I remember right, a lot of people were really ticked off with this, and it became a big promise among the GOP to put an end to it. Guess Lindsey didn’t get the memo.

3. Graham voted for the CROmnibus spending bill.

Graham voted in favor of the CROmnibus spending bill that got a lot of flack from conservatives and liberals all around. Graham also went to task in calling out Senator Elizabeth Warren on some of her comments on the bill too. This bill showed us all that the current way of Continuing Resolutions isn’t sustainable, and is only promoting bigger government and more cronyism, which Graham wants.

4. Graham missed the vote on the USA FREEDOM Act.

Not relevant? Think again. This is the bill to legalize what recently expired in the PATRIOT Act. We can assume Graham was in full support, based upon his eyeroll during Rand Paul’s speech in the Senate while debating the PATRIOT Act extension, and his other comments. Why bring it up since he missed it? It helps highlight how many votes he’s missed in recent times, or specifically, in 2015 alone (which currently is climbing to 22%).

5. Graham voted to extend the key provisions of the PATRIOT Act that allow the Government to spy on you.

Really, nothing needs to be said here. We get it; Graham isn’t that big of a freedom guy. At least we know in advance what his possible Presidency will look like.

Author Note: This is my first article to be published over at Hypeline.org, which is a brand new site being hosted by Turningpoint USA.

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