Our Education System Sucks


I’m going to start this post out with a quote from Adolf Hitler, the resident National Socialist from Germany. I will also include this other quote from him:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

Think about that for a moment. You’ve heard something similar before, and in reality, it’s true. We’ll talk about the subject of education to show exactly how well those quotes are relevant to today, as sad as it will seem.

Our education system, before the Industrial Revolution was small and efficient. There were mostly private institutions, and parents who taught their kids. But as the Industrial Revolution picked up, most of us will know that it was Rockefeller who called for public schooling. Why? He needed workers with the correct skills for his factories. He, and others, would help to create the first public, compulsory school systems, which would eventually be adopted nationwide, with their nuances.

Little, to my knowledge, is done. Most would agree that schooling is better for children. It is at this point though, that we must examine that schooling, and to do it, we must examine one of the men to come and control it later on. John Dewey was one of those deceivers. Many of his ideas were laughable, like teaching the alphabet in a non-phonetic way, but through memorization. Today, that isn’t working, just like it didn’t way back in his time.

To get a good perspective on Dewey, I will recommend this podcast from the Tom Woods Show:

To which, after listening to that, we are brought back to the original quotes. They made the lie big and simple. They kept going off about how it’s just stadards, and that there is nothing wrong with standards. And for a while there, even I believed it. That ended when I saw the worksheets that kids were getting, and I did the worst I’ve ever done in a class in one quarter.

The material being taught isn’t what I’m going to use later in life. I’m going into orthodontics. I don’t need 4 years of literature in an English class that I wouldn’t read on my own. I don’t need to have a lot of the math courses I’ve taken. History is optional, as while it’s not something that’s really needed, I like it, and science is the only one making much sense of having 4 full years of courses in that subject.

As this video mentions, were left on our own to figure other things out:

Most kids these days aren’t encouraged to go beyond the minimum requirements, and it’s because the State has willingly and knowfully dumbed them down to where they don’t care about important issues when they should. Gone are the days when students actually cared about the Constitution, or the Revolutionary War. Gone are the days when students enjoyed math and science. Gone are the days when kids mostly liked school. Those days won’t be coming back if we remain on this path.

Calling for an end to current education system is a big thing. I know, but it is only serving to help screw kids and future generations over. What should be done? The following would be a start:

  1. Counties / Cities should end their public systems, and the students should go to private institutions. This would allow for market forces to dictate which schools are better, and allow for competition to be the regulator of who succeeds, and who fails. Remember, parents want to see results, and if their kid is doing well in a school, chances are, they’re not going to want to leave. At the same time, the money used in the public system would be returned to the taxpayers, and their rates would be lowered in adjustment with the lessend roll of government.
  2. Governments should be barred from controlling the schooling of it’s own populace. Currently, the standards are set by the states. Even though there are private companies who make the books, at the end of the day, the state sets the standards.
  3. Government needs to be removed from the college campus. The ideologies of the campuses these days are more leftist and marxist if anything. The state governments hold control over the major universities, and even in more conservative states, the ideologies of the left are more prevalent. You rarely hear about how theres a right-leaning college, and I could only name Hillsdale College and Liberty University as the two I know. The rest are either leaning-left, or progressive bastions, and that is harming our students. Students are being coddled worse than they were in High School. Many are fine with the ideological bullying that takes places, when college should be a forum of debate. Some want “safe spaces”, where they’ll be sealed off from ideas their minds simply cannot handle, such as dissenting opinions. You call this preparing them for the future? I call this making the slaves to the state.
  4. We need to fix the economy. When those college students get out, now, there aren’t the jobs they trained for out there. They end up taking up the smaller, less paying jobs that teens are supposed to be taking on to get some introductory work experience. Want it fixed? Time to take a scalpal to government policy and spending.

Remember those quotes above? Well, we’ve given the state control over  the textbooks. We’ve perpetuated lie after lie about our education system, like how Common Core has better standards for students. We’ve gone and dug a hole so deep that it’s going to be tough to get out of, but if we pull on enough roots, and we have the will to climb out, eventually, we can do it.





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