Vote On TPP Shows Whose Paying Attention In GOP

jeff-sessionsThere were 5 Republicans who voted against giving the President Fast-Track Authority on the big, secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. These 5 are a mixture from the GOP, not being solely from the liberty or establishment parts of the Party. But I think a big ‘Thank You’ is in order for them. They voted against something that most of their counterparts thought was a good thing, or they could still control. In reality, they ceded their authority and control over it last night.

Take this tweet for example. I was in a twitter conversation last night, and the guy said the following:

I replied with a simple question.

To which, he responded:

To me, I see one thing. I see someone not paying enough attention and trying to figure what’s in the bill before they support it. The TPP isn’t about free trade. We live in the Obama Administration. Think about it. He is no friend of free trade, whether at home or abroad. This shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Put 2 and 2 together. Free trade isn’t the answer here. It’s corporatism. Plain and simple. The five Republicans who voted against it were:

  • Collins (ME)
  • Lee (UT)
  • Paul (KY)
  • Sessions (AL)
  • Shelby (AL)

Note that Senator’s Cruz, Rubio, and Graham all supported it. My guess is that they didn’t read it. We already can tell Ted didn’t, as when he was asked about where he stood with the TPP, he responded in support of it by saying that he likes free trade. Again, this deal has nothing to do with free trade, which means Cruz isn’t doing his job, which isn’t a surprise really.

This is where Cruz goes wrong. The video isn’t that long.

Cruz is proving himself to be more and more anti-liberty than he originally was. That, and he isn’t doing well with his job. Not being in the Senate to vote on things is bad enough, but it doesn’t even look like you’re trying to read things that are being read too. Come on Ted, you should know better than this. You need to get your butt in gear. Seriously.

Believe I’m wrong? Have a look for yourself.




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