Open Letter To Ted Cruz

Dear Ted Cruz,

You’ve been one of the best people the liberty movement has had in the Senate, alongside Rand Paul and Mike Lee and a few others whom I’d consider are in good standing with the liberty movement. I’ve been following you since your campaign for Senate. You’ve been a vocal supporter of freedom in many area’s, and while we may not agree on everything, I will thank you for the good work you have done.

That being said, I take issue with some recent comments you made. These comments revolve around the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is being presented to Congress. For those of you who have not seen them, then watch this:

Cruz said that he is all for giving the President Fast-Track Authority on the TPP, and I take big issue with that.

For those of you who do not know, Fast-Track Authority would mean that the TPP goes to Congress for an up or down vote. No amendments can be made, and no discussion will be heard. This is something that I would find to be a bad thing, and an abdication of a power held by the Congress to the President.

Mr. Cruz, you’re giving me the impretion that the Obama Administration has the ability to negotiate a free trade agreement with other countries. Assuming the Obama Administration has the capabilities of even understanding free trade is a mistake. We have had 6 years to see just how much the Administration believes in “free trade”, and believing in their capabilities to negotiate a free trade agreement with other countries is telling me that you’re either not paying attention to what is going on in your job, or wanting to go along with crony capitalism, which is what this trade deal seems to be about.

This deal has been sealed away from the public view, and I don’t believe that most will ever even read it, or even hear about it. The secrecy in this trade deal is concerning. If the Administration is being so secretive about it, then that tells most that there is something they want to hide from the American people. I will not assume that you have taken the time to go to the Trade Representatives building, and go to the secret room where you can read this like Rand Paul has. He read it, and he is opposing Fast-Track Authority. I wonder if you had read it, if you’d be for it. To quote your colleague in the Senate,

… but I hate giving up power. We give up so much power from Congress to the presidency, and with them being so secretive on the treaty, it just concerns me what’s in the treaty,” he said.

So you support free trade. That’s great, Senator Cruz. I do too, but this deal is not about free trade. This deal is about secrecy, and I would bet that this deal is about crony capitalism. Nothing that I have seen tells me that this trade deal is a good thing, and I would urge you to go and read this deal if you have not. I would urge you to consult with Senator Paul, or even Senator Sessions on the trade deal. Heck, you could even talk to Carly Fiorina, who has come out firmly agains the TPP. Ask them why they stand where they do, and then take some time to reflect.

Please, I know you’re on the campaign trail. I know you’re devoting time to that, but please remember that your first duty is to the people who elected you to the Senate. Your duty is to representing them first. Your job is important, which is why the citizens of Texas put you in the Senate. Don’t let them down. Do your job. Read the bills that come in. Don’t miss your votes. Pay attention. That’s all I ask.



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